It won't be long before winter strikes Indiana with its harsh temperatures and slick roadways. Drivers who want to be ready for anything will enjoy the benefits offered by an all-wheel drive systemThe versatile drive-train pairs well with Mercedes-Benz performance and is a great system to have when there's snow and ice on the road.


All-wheel drive is exactly what the name implies. Power is sent to all four wheels in models equipped with this drive-train. Since all four wheels are spinning, vehicles with all-wheel drive have more traction.

In two-wheel drive vehicles, it's easy to get stuck since power is sent to just two wheels. All-wheel drive-trains still have two more wheels with power behind them, so it's pretty difficult to get stuck in snow or on ice.

While two-wheel drive vehicles may offer traction and stability control technologies, these systems can't match all-wheel drive. Vehicles with all-wheel drive are ideal for maximizing traction in cold winters.

Resale Value

Versatile and capable vehicles have a higher resale value when compared to two-wheel drive models. While they're initially a little more expensive, vehicles with all-wheel drive offer more control and retain more of their value over time.

If you plan on moving to a more moderate or mild climate where it's warm all year round, all-wheel drive vehicles might not be ideal though. Since other drivers won't need the improved versatility and capability that all-wheel drive offers, you may have a harder time netting a higher resale value.


All-wheel drive brings improved traction, capability, and versatility when there's snow and ice on the ground. As a result, drivers can hit the road with confidence that they can remain in control. When the going gets tough, there's no better car to have than one equipped with all-wheel drive. Plus, a powerful Mercedes-Benz engine certainly doesn't hurt!

Find a whole fleet of AWD-equipped Mercedes-Benz models here at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette.


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