Why You Should Maintain a Full Wiper Fluid Reservoir

For the sake of clear vision and the safety of your family, it is vital that you maintain a full wiper fluid reservoir. Not only should you have it checked and refilled during routine oil changes and other service, but you should also do so after using it to clear dirt, mud or snow from the windshield.

Having an adequate supply of washer fluid in the reservoir ensures that the system remains well lubricated so that its components continue working the way they should. That means when you actuate the system it will dispense the fluid on demand. Without that adequate supply of fluid in the washer reservoir could cause added wear and tear and eventually lead to a breakdown.

Residents in the Lafayette area know that they can stop by Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette to have their windshield wiper fluid topped off. Here's hoping your travels this year are free of problems and that you have a clear vision of where you want to go.

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