Keep Your Car's Cooling System in Working Order With Regular Service

Due to the extreme temperatures that go along with engine operation, your vehicle has a built-in cooling system that prevents your car from overheating and suffering from permanent damage. Your radiator is filled with coolant that is cycled through the system and keeps your engine temperature maintained at a safe level. Over time, the coolant will become dirty and sludgy, which drastically reduces its effectiveness.

When it gets dirty like that, it is important to perform a cooling system flush to keep it in good working order. To do a flush, the dirty coolant is first drained from the system and disposed of. A hose is then attached, and the system is power-flushed, removing any old remaining sludge or debris that may have been left behind. Then the radiator will be refilled with new coolant.

If your vehicle needs a little cooling system maintenance, then bring it to the Mercedes-Benz service center here at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette today.

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