Why Should You Correct Muffler or Exhaust Issues Right Away?

Your car's exhaust system does more than just muffle the sound produced by the engine. In addition to other things, it reduces the amount of harmful emissions your driving creates and eliminates into the atmosphere. When exhaust systems are properly functioning, they not only muffle sound, but they help you reduce your carbon footprint.

The exhaust system begins at the engine where the exhaust manifold connects to cylinder heads. This is where exhaust gases are collected, and as they follow along through the entire exhaust system, are analyzed for contents. The catalytic converter is the final step in this journey before the muffler does what it is designed to do, which is muffle the sound of the engine.

When any part of the exhaust system fails, your gas mileage can increase and the air becomes more polluted. In Lafayette, IN, you can contact our handy Mercedes-Benz service technicians to help repair your muffler and exhaust system problems.

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