Salt, Sand or Kitty Litter Which One is Better to Use?

In these harsh winter months there are many things to do to prepare. One of those preparations needed is deciding what to use for traction on ice and snow. Three popular uses are salt, sand and kitty litter.

  • Salt - salt melts ice in temperatures above 12 degrees, but in turn dissolves in the water it creates. That salt water that was created can harm plants and animals that drink that water.
  • Sand - Sand is good for drive ways. Sand creates traction and does not create a big mess or harm the plants and animals around it. Plus, sand is cheap and easy to find.
  • Kitty litter - It is suggested to have kitty litter in your vehicle for emergency situations. It creates traction and absorbs water. The reason you do not want to use kitty litter on your drive way is because when it absorbs to much water it becomes a nasty sticky mess that is difficult to clean up.

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