Get a Full-Size Spare Tire to Replace Your Donut

When you've gone through a flat tire while driving in Lafayette, you may have quickly gotten back on the road again. In many cars, you'll find a compact temporary spare tire or "donut" under the carpet in the trunk of your vehicle. This tire provides a fast fix, but it's also designed for limited use and limited speeds.

This kind of donut spare tire can help you get out of a bad situation and drive in for full-size tire replacement service. Extended use of these tires can be a safety threat, because reliance on a donut spare in the long term can lead to problems with antilock braking, traction and even your car's speedometer.

You can quickly return to enjoying safe travels on the roadways with the installation of a full-size spare tire to replace your donut. Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette offers efficient, friendly tire replacement service to get you going again.

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