Automotive Service | What is a Timing Belt? When to Replace?

Drivers can save time and money by staying on top of repairs. The timing belt is an important component of the engine which if left ignored can be disastrous. This belt keeps the camshaft and crankshaft working in unison. The crankshaft works the pistons and the camshaft opens/closes the piston that is critical to a properly working engine.

Signs that a drivers timing belt may need replacing included an overly worn belt. The car may have difficulty starting if the timing belt needs replacing, and a high pitched screeching may also be heard if overly worn. Should the timing belt become unfunctional the engine may experience severe damage in the thousands of dollars. The car will completely shut down when the timing belt is dysfunctional.

Drivers can either check their owners manual, or they can visit a certified technician in regards to servicing the timing belt. The time interval is usually between 60,000 to 100,000 miles according to auto-manufacturers.

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