Lease, Finance or Buy: What’s the Best Car-Buying Options for Me?

Customize Your Payment Plan at Our Finance Center

You’ve visited our Mercedes-Benz dealership. You’ve spoken to our staff and taken a tour of our new cars and pre-owned ones as well. You test drove your ideal model and now you want to take it home. But, first, you need to visit our finance center.

At our finance center, we have a whole team of expertly-trained automotive financing specialists that can help you. They can tailor a payment plan that works with your specific budget. They help ensure that you don’t break the bank chasing your dream car.

When you speak to our staff, they will give you a few payment options. They will talk about the pros and cons of each of the payment processes and see which one fits your particular financial situation. The payment options are:

  • Buy: When you buy a car, you are paying the full amount for the coupe, car or SUV right away. This can either be done with a cash payment, check or by seeking financing through a third-party source.
  • Finance: Financing is where you take a loan out from our dealership and pay for the car through monthly payments. This tends to have a low-interest rate and makes buying a car a bit more manageable.
  • Lease: This is where you use a car for an agreed upon amount of time and miles. The amount you pay is the estimated depreciation on the car over the period of time that you use it. At the end of the lease, you will also have the option to buy the car if you have fallen in love with it.

Each of these payment options also tend to have finance specials associated with them. These tend to range from no or lower interest payment to no downpayment and more. For a more nuanced look at the car-buying process, call or stop by our finance center today! One of our staff members will be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have. If you are interested in getting a head start on the car-buying process, be sure to fill out our online finance application form and one of our finance team members will be in touch shortly!