Benefits of Mercedes-Benz A & B Service

When you're bringing your Mercedes-Benz in for regular maintenance, you should follow the easy A & B system. This process is how Mercedes-Benz breaks down the recommended service and helps you schedule your maintenance easily. There are plenty of benefits to using this innovative service and at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette we want you to know all the excellent services available to you.

Easy Scheduling

The experts at Mercedes-Benz have already optimized this plan to keep your new luxury model running at the top of the game. Instead of getting several opinions or researching information for yourself, you already know exactly when and what you need done to your vehicle.

This program lets us help you schedule out your services way in advance so you can save yourself some time in your busy life. Now you know exactly when to schedule your maintenance for the best results.

Painless Regular Maintenance

By streamlining the process, our service professionals are able to get you in and out so fast you'll barely notice you were waiting. We know that you have a tough schedule, so we make it our business to keep your appointment as short as possible.

Mercedes-Benz A & B Services are both shorter than many other maintenance jobs, and they keep your vehicle running at the top of its game.

Helpful Tracking

When you get your service done at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette we help you keep track of when you need your next round of maintenance. At the end of each visit, we reset your vehicle's service tracker so it will alert you as soon as you need to come back in for some more work.

If you're interested in learning more about the convenient Mercedes-Benz A & B Services, just stop by our dealership during business hours.

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