Lease, Finance or Buy: What’s the Best Car-Buying Options for Me?

Customize Your Payment Plan at Our Finance Center

You’ve visited our Mercedes-Benz dealership. You’ve spoken to our staff and taken a tour of our new cars and pre-owned ones as well. You test drove your ideal model and now you want to take it home. But, first, you need to visit our finance center.

At our finance center, we have a whole team of expertly-trained automotive financing specialists that can help you. They can tailor a payment plan that works with your specific budget. They help ensure that you don’t break the bank chasing your dream car…

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Where Can I Buy a New Mercedes-Benz in Lafayette, IN?

Explore Your New Mercedes-Benz Options

Finding the right model Mercedes-Benz you want is hard enough without having to also find a quality dealership to buy it from. Well, don’t worry, because the trusted staff at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette have got you covered. Our dealership offers a variety of new Mercedes-Benz models for fair prices, just down the road from the Loeb Stadium!

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Benefits of Mercedes-Benz A & B Service

When you're bringing your Mercedes-Benz in for regular maintenance, you should follow the easy A & B system. This process is how Mercedes-Benz breaks down the recommended service and helps you schedule your maintenance easily. There are plenty of benefits to using this innovative service and at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette we want you to know all the excellent services available to you.


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What Are the Safety Features on the 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA?

This Mercedes-Benz SUV Offers a Slew of Safety Features

When it comes to your safety, the Mercedes-Benz GLA is literally watching your back for you. This is because it utilizes modern technology to produce a safer driving experience. These features can monitor the road around you and alert you to potential dangers.

One of these features use a radar to help spot hazards. If it senses that you have not started to slow down to avoid the collision, it can start braking for you to either avoid the collision or mitigate the damage from it. 

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What Are the Performance Specifications of the Various 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC Models?

Each of the Difference Mercedes-Benz GLC Models Sports Unique Performance Capabilities

When you want options regarding your next vehicle purchase, look no further than this vehicle. This Mercedes-Benz model vehicle sports two unique body styles. Folks have the option between an SUV style vehicle and a coupe-style SUV. The latter is the same great Mercedes-Benz GLC, except it sports a coupe-style roof.


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Used Luxury is Still Luxury. Come and See What's Available at Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette.

You're interested in driving a luxury car, but you're also interested in a good deal. Don't worry, you're not the only one. Many drivers in the luxury market feel the same way. That's why Mercedes-Benz of Lafayette maintains a thorough inventory of high-quality used vehicles. When you're ready to find your next used luxury car, you'll find some of the best options available parked at our dealership.

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Why Should You Correct Muffler or Exhaust Issues Right Away?

Your car's exhaust system does more than just muffle the sound produced by the engine. In addition to other things, it reduces the amount of harmful emissions your driving creates and eliminates into the atmosphere. When exhaust systems are properly functioning, they not only muffle sound, but they help you reduce your carbon footprint.

The exhaust system begins at the engine where the exhaust manifold connects to cylinder heads. This is where exhaust gases are collected, and as they follow along through the entire exhaust system, are analyzed for contents. 

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Keep Your Car's Cooling System in Working Order With Regular Service

Due to the extreme temperatures that go along with engine operation, your vehicle has a built-in cooling system that prevents your car from overheating and suffering from permanent damage. Your radiator is filled with coolant that is cycled through the system and keeps your engine temperature maintained at a safe level. Over time, the coolant will become dirty and sludgy, which drastically reduces its effectiveness.

When it gets dirty like that, it is important to perform a cooling system flush to keep it in good working order. 

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